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4 directions for the development of the veterinary drug industry in the next 10 years

4 directions for the development of the veterinary drug industry in the next 10 years

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It should be said that the current veterinary drug industry is in a period of change-strict national policies, large-scale aquaculture, higher industry entry barriers, capital intervention and other factors have promoted the gradual changes in the corporate structure of the entire large industry. Under the influence of various forces, veterinary drug companies will gradually tilt towards the fields of health care, precision, and service in the next 10 years, and roughly four directions will be formed:
1. An enterprise whose core is the promotion of health care concepts and solutions
We all know that breeding "health care" will become the development trend of the veterinary drug industry in the future, so a group of "leader companies centered on the promotion of health care concepts and programs" will definitely appear. This type of enterprise takes over-the-counter drugs and feed additives as the main products, and takes enterprise breeding and large-scale farming as its customer base. Why are such companies called "leader" companies? - With the advent of the national standard era, research and development has become an important factor in whether veterinary drug companies can succeed in the market, and such companies have strong capabilities in product development and technology introduction. At the same time, after the precipitation of time, we already have some health care concepts and mature cases, as well as personnel who have certain professional and promotion experience. Therefore, we have the right to make decisions in the field of health care, and the influence of the industry cannot be underestimated.
2. Industrial enterprises with fine and large-scale production
With the advent of the unilateral era, more and more veterinary drug companies have begun to reduce product categories and turn to a product strategy of "less but refined", such as large single products. Therefore, "industrial enterprises that produce with precision and large-scale production" will occupy a lot of seats in the future industrial structure. This type of enterprise has a good factory appearance and is suitable for visiting and marketing; the products are simple and sophisticated, the production equipment is highly automated, and the pursuit of batch production and single product sales; at the same time, the product prices are transparent and open, and the single product market has a high reputation and reputation. Very popular in the market. The most typical example of this type of company should be Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical.
3. A service-oriented enterprise with national standard products plus prescription services
This is the future development direction of most small and medium-sized enterprises-to meet the needs of dealer services and farmers' treatment, and to focus on the core of technical services on product compatibility for diseases and the pursuit of curative effects, that is, national standard products + product use service. Such companies are generally independent individuals rather than attached to the group, and they have limited resources, so they still follow the old "old tradition"-marketing is mainly channel-based, and relatively high profits are made through customer groups that satisfy the curative effect. space.
4. Local enterprises or operating institutions with regional small services and timeliness
With the advent of the unilateral era and the improvement of user management and management level, customer sentiment will gradually withdraw from the dominant position of marketing, but it will still play a guiding role in the marketing strategy of a group of local enterprises-"Sales service in time by region Local enterprises or operating institutions" will also occupy a place in the future veterinary drug industry structure. This type of enterprise is characterized by a single dosage form and a small business scope, and is significantly dependent on customer conditions under the effect of price advantages; at the same time, the enterprise organization structure is simple, and the service is short and fast. Under the premise that it is impossible to completely withdraw from the market, the existence of such enterprises is indispensable.
No matter what type of company it is, there are several common features:
The gross profit level has a significant downward trend;
The scale effect of production and sales is obvious;
The effectiveness of the service link is required to be improved;
The working level of practitioners is required to be improved.