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Causes, symptom diagnosis and prevention measures of pigs with gastric stasis

Causes, symptom diagnosis and prevention measures of pigs with gastric stasis

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Stomach stagnation in pigs is a disease in which the stomach of pigs is filled with a large amount of feed and the stomach wall expands and causes digestive disorders. Regarding the cause, symptom diagnosis and prevention measures of this disease, we have invited experts from China Veterinary Drug Information Network-Xingwang Veterinary Drugs to give you a comprehensive introduction. The details are as follows:
Causes of Stomach Stagnation in Pigs
① Failure to feed on time makes the pigs hungry, causing the pigs to eat a lot, the stomach wall expands, and then it is unable to contract, so that the food entering the stomach can not be discharged in time and accumulated in the stomach;
②Because of eating more soy foods such as soybeans and bean cakes, and drinking a lot of water after eating, the stomach contents ferment and expand, and the ability of stomach contraction is weakened;
③ Sudden change of feed will cause the pigs to be gluttonous, and due to lack of exercise, it will also affect the peristalsis of the stomach.
Diagnosis of Clinical Symptoms of Stomach Stagnation in Pigs
At the beginning of the illness, appetite disappeared, abdominal circumference increased, abdominal pain and restlessness, firmness of the abdominal wall behind the ribs, tenderness, sometimes groaning, sometimes vomiting of sour odor, lazy walking, increased breathing and heartbeat, conjunctival hyperemia, body temperature Generally there is no change. In severe cases, the stomach ruptures during the colic rolling and death. Loss of appetite or cessation of appetite, sometimes vomiting, vomiting sour smell. The abdominal circumference is enlarged, and the abdominal wall is firm and painful. Redness of the eye conjunctiva, shortness of breath, abdominal pain often occurs in acute cases, restlessness of getting up and lying down, two forefoot digging, body temperature generally unchanged.
Waste food, abdominal pain and restlessness, large abdominal circumference, hard abdominal wall behind the ribs, sometimes moaning and vomiting, no change in body temperature, rapid breathing and heartbeat.
Prevention and treatment measures of pig stomach food stagnation
1. Achieve regular and quantitative feeding, less frequent feeding, ensure adequate drinking water supply, and at the same time allow pigs to exercise properly, which can effectively prevent this disease.
2. In terms of treatment, the main principle is to queue up to remove the accumulated food in the stomach and restore the function of the stomach. Stop eating for one day, give only some water, massage the abdomen, and drive away slowly. For acutely sick pigs, care must be taken to prevent stomach rupture.